Terms, Privacy and cookies


When you visit AUTOproff’s website and auction site, information about you will
automatically be collected. In the following sections you are able to read what type
of information and how these are treated.

AUTOproff collects information about you in two ways:
• By the use of cookies
• By you personally share your details.

What is cookies?

Cookies are little text files which are stored in your web browser when moving on
the internet. Cookies are used to register your behaviour on a specific website and
to remember you the next time you visit the same website.
This is done to improve the user friendliness for you.
The information cookies register is will most often be used to create statistics
or to improve your experience of the website.
Therefore, our cookies help us to provide you with the best
possible experience when visiting our website.

How long do we store cookies?

Cookies will be stores on your computer of a various number of
months counted from the last time you visited our webpages.
The number of months varies from what type and version of browser you use.
Every time you re-visit a website the period is prolonged.
Below you are able to read how to delete cookies.

How to avoid cookies

If you wish to avoid cookies, you can choose to completely block, delete existing
or receive a warning before a cookie is saved.
Guide available here

Personal information

At AUTOproff we will request your personal information in regards to account
creation, purchase of subscription, newsletters etc. It is primarily information such
as name, address, phone number and email. When using our service products,
mandatory information fields will be marked clearly.

What do we use personal information for

Your personal information will primarily be used to create a user profil for you so
that we may contact you in connection to the use of our service products. In
regards to purchase and sale, we will furthermore share your contact info with the
involved parties included in the trade.

For how long do we store personal details

When you have created a profile with AUTOproff, you will be able to enter personal
details under “my page”. If you one day decide to end your membership, your
profile will be closed. However, we reserved the right to store your contact info and
auction history five years from the day you were created as a user in the case you
wish to return as restore your membership.

Changes in treatment of data

Minor changes and edits will be conducted regularly of this document to ensure
the best information for you. However, should major changes in the process of
your data be necessary, we will inform you of this clearly through our website via
an acceptance functionality.


If you wish to make corrections to your personal details, you are free to change
these at any time under “my page” or you are always welcome to contact us in our
Danish office on phone (0045) 82 303 505 or send us a mail on kontakt@autoproff.dk.

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