Optimize car trades among professionals

Access an optimized platform, with flow from exchange car to sales, which improves earning and turnover rates, as well as it creates security with the help of guaranteed prices.

  • Create security and leads for the car dealers with guaranteed prices all days a week.
  • Denmark’s largest network for used cars among professionals.
  • International transport solution
  • Secure Payment Solution
  • Document handling
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Auctions 24/7

Cars are registrered for auction every minute and auctioned all days.

  • Access from app and computer
  • Offer or buy wholesale cars at auction all weekdays
  • Buy online and get delivered to the door
  • Access to cars for the largest providers in the market
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Open system

Focus is on creating an open and transparent platform where transparency makes sure that both the buyer and the seller are happy with the system and thus save the purchase salary.

  • 100% transparency which means seller and buyer can see each other throughout the process
  • No purchase salary creates higher prices
  • Direct contact with each other and collaborators
    • Easy to do after trades
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Statistics and dashboards

Get access to measure your trades between professionals and experience the optimization.

  • Dashboard on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Data extract
  • Monthly reporting
  • Free economic/controller access
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Pris pr. år 3.000,- pr. sælger

  • Ekstra sælgere kr. 3.000,- pr. år
  • Intet købersalær
  • Salg af biler kr. 175,-
  • Ingen adgang til garantipris
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Pris pr. år 6.000,- pr. sælger

  • Ekstra sælgere kr. 3.000,- pr. år (Alle sælgere skal på)
  • Intet købersalær
  • Salg af biler kr. 125,-
  • Adgang til garantipris
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Flat rate

Koncern aftaler

Pris pr. måned 6.000,- pr. filial

  • Fri indrykning af biler
  • Fri antal brugere
  • Adgang til garantipris
  • Frit forbrug
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